The Ladies From Charlie Sheen’s Partying Past Offer Their Support Amid HIV-Positive Reveal — THIS Hollywood Madam Even Wants To Marry The A-Lister!

charlie sheen ladies support him

Charlie Sheen has a way with the ladies!

On Monday, several women from the Two and a Half Men actor’s partying past have come forward to offer their support to Charlie amid his HIV status reveal.

In an interview with DailyMail Online, Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss led the charge in supporting the controversial celeb.

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She shared:

“Now that his name is out there I would want Charlie to be a role model for people with HIV. Of all the people he can show you can live with that and still have a good life. He was still do pretty much what he wants and be a good father to his kids. He can be a role model to people with HIV. I know his mother and father love him and support him no matter what. He will always have that love and support.”

Well that’s sweet. In case you forgot, the Anger Management star used to spend thousands of dollars on Miz Fleiss’ call girls until he testified against her back in 1995. Ouch!

Although, it seems there are no hard feelings between Heidi and the A-Lister as she still has feelings for him despite his previous betrayal.

She continued:

“I’d marry Charlie today even if he is HIV. I love him! I was his madam and his friend. We were young and crazy back then. If I was with him right now I would ask him to marry me. Of course I would. I love the guy. We never had sex but I wish we had.”

We wonder how Charlie feels about this admission?? We bet he’s just grateful that someone is defending his character.

Heidi recently confided:

“I’m not there in the bedroom with him when he’s been having sex but from what I know of him, he would have been taking precautions form the moment he knew he had it. For one thing, having sex intentionally knowing you’re HIV and not telling the other person is against the law. He wouldn’t have wanted to do that. It’s not worth it for him to get into that kind of trouble. He’s an honest man. He’s happy to say he sleeps with girls and pays for it. That’s a real man to me.”

Well we hope that is true.

She concluded:

“He doesn’t deserve to have HIV. It’s not his fault. It’s like saying people in a car crash deserve to have been in a car crash.”

On that note we definitely agree! Nonetheless, Heidi is not alone in her support for Charlie as transexual porn star Kayla Coxx has also commented on Martin Sheen‘s son’s health.

In case you forgot, Kayla and Charlie were supposedly linked back in 2006 as the troubled star’s marriage to Denise Richards was ending.

Miz Coxx stated:

“God bless Charlie and what he’s going through. You’ve got to be pretty brave to be that much of a public figure and come out about having a disease. That just proves it can happen to anyone… I do not have HIV and for certain was never with Charlie in any way where I could have got it from him. I still deny any involvement with him to this day and the same goes for him.”

As it becomes more apparent that Charlie’s HIV status was an open secret Hollywood, we’re wishing the 50-year-old only the best during this tough time.

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Nov 17, 2015 10:30am PDT

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