Nick Carter Says Opening Up About His Past Drug Use Is Extremely ‘Cathartic’

Nick says talking about it has been 'cathartic!'

Nick Carter has been super open about his past struggle with addiction.

He discussed his battle with drugs in his 2013 tell-all memoir Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It, and talked to us EXCLUSIVELY about how he made the decision to speak publicly about something so personal.

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On Monday, he told People that revealing the details of his own journey has actually been therapeutic, saying:

“I have been comfortable and happy to tell my story because I hope it can make a difference in somebody else’s life and inspire them to realize that they are not alone. They can overcome any trouble in their life. It’s been cathartic for me.”

During the evening’s episode of Dancing with the Stars, we saw the 35-year-old talk about his addiction.

He even explained that when his sister Leslie tragically passed away from a drug overdose, that was the devastating moment when he knew he needed to change his ways.

After watching his own package, the Backstreet Boys member tripped up a little bit during his routine, and ended up with the worst combined score out of the show’s final four pairs.

He confessed that sometimes it’s difficult to relive those tough times:

“I feel like watching it it affected me a little bit. Sometimes it is a reality check to realize, ‘Oh my God. All these things did happen to me. I did go through these things.’ But things are going to happen in everybody’s life. I’m not special. I’m human and mistakes are going to happen. It’s how you react to those mistakes and how you overcome them that is important.”

The singer admitted that, although he had already been fairly honest about his drug use in the past, the reality competition has allowed him to open up even more, adding:

“I started from a very closed place in my heart. I was not as open as I have been in the past. But I opened up and allowed everyone to see who I am, which is a loving person. I’ve started to become okay with who I am. I’ve started to realize that my past is my past and I’m okay with the person that I’ve become on the other side of all that.”

We’re glad that Nick feels good sharing his story, because he’s using the platform as a way to let anyone else struggling with a similar situation know that they aren’t alone, and they’re capable of changing habits.

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Nov 17, 2015 4:38pm PDT

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