Find Out What’s Next On Zola’s Agenda After #TheStory!

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#TheStory continues!

Zola entertained millions back in October when her story about a Tampa vacation got awry went viral.

And while there have been many follow-ups about the Detroit Twitter star and her ragtag group of sex working misfits, there hasn’t really been a comprehensive timeline of how things went from stripping to murder… until now.

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Rolling Stone managed to sit down with almost everyone involved in the story; from Jess and Jarrett to the two girls who helped get Z arrested in Nevada — to figure out the closest thing to truth possible.

And while there’s not much new to the story — Zola admitted she embellished some facts for entertainment while Jess argued that her counterpart was more at fault than she originally led on — what we did learn is what the 20-year-old Internet sensation plans on doing with her newfound fame:

“A reality show would be kind of cool. I think I’m funny and entertaining.”

This needs to happen ASAP!

There have been successful reality shows based on far less deserving characters. *cough* The Duggars *cough*

Would U watch a reality show focused on Zola’s wild life??

P.S. You can read all of Rolling Stone‘s in depth article HERE!

[Image via Zola/Instagram.]

Nov 17, 2015 6:23pm PDT

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