Bad News For Charlie Sheen! The A-Lister’s Former Lovers Have Legal Counsel & May Deem His Hidden HIV Status ‘Criminal’!

charlie sheen criminal lawsuit

Watch out, Charlie Sheen!

As we previously reported, the former Two and a Half Men star may have SEVERAL lawsuits on his hands as many of his past lovers are vehement that Charlie never informed them of his HIV-positive status before sleeping with them. All this is in direct contradiction to what he told Matt Lauer on Tuesday.

Yikes! In fact, a minimum of 5 women have said that Denise Richards‘ ex is downright lying about informing his “goddesses” about his health prior to getting busy.

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However, if these ladies’ claims are true then the Red Dawn heartthrob may also face serious criminal charges.

One lawyer has since come forward to reveal that he’s met with at least 10 of Charlie’s “victims” since the controversial news broke. The group of potential complainants includes a mix of porn stars, fans, and escorts.


He shared:

“These aren’t shakedowns. If Charlie Sheen’s name was Charlie Brown, he still could be sued. He needs to own up to what he did. What he did was not only civilly actionable but probably criminal too.”

Specifically, Martin Sheen‘s son may be accused of causing emotional distress, fraud, sexual battery, and the negligent transmission of a sexually transmitted disease.

However, this legal drama may be stalled as several of the former lovers are afraid to be associated with A-Lister.

The lawyer continued:

“[The women are] concerned about going public because they don’t want their parents to know and don’t want to be labeled as having been exposed.”

Well that’s fair.

We’re hoping these accusations aren’t true so the Anger Management actor can focus on staying happy and healthy.

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Nov 18, 2015 8:45am PDT

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