YouTube Star Whose Viral Vids Promote Honesty Just Got Exposed As A Fraud — On Television! Watch His Reaction!

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This is kinda scummy!

A couple weeks ago YouTuber Adrian Gee uploaded a video to his channel titled The Real Blind Man Honesty Test (Social Experiment).

In the video Adrian pretends to be a blind man asking strangers if they could make change for $5 while holding up a 50 dollar bill.

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This was supposed to be a social experiment showing whether people would tell Gee the truth — or pocket the extra money and walk away.

Well on the Australian show Today Tonight, host Rodney Lohse brought the YouTube star on and uncovered a shocking truth — the video was a fake and all the people in his video were actors!

Not only that, but he reached out to the actors — who had no idea what the project was — and personally hired them!

Ch-ch-check out the moment that Lohse exposes Adrian as a fraud (below) and watch the viral sensation’s priceless reaction!

Since the Today Tonight interview has aired, Gee has responded to the backlash via Periscope, saying:

“If you asked me would I film that video from the start if I knew this was going to happen, I would probably say no.”

The Internet star also defended his video by saying that he didn’t think he was conning anyone and told the watchers in a sarcastic tone that the “interview was really harsh, I felt like crying.”

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Somehow Adrian feels justified in what he did and doesn’t feel at all bad for staging his videos! He stated:

“I never asked for money, right? In the end, it’s just entertainment.”

We’re not sure we agree with the YouTuber, ESPECIALLY since he was trying to prove a point to society about honesty.

If you haven’t done so already, we would definitely recommend hitting “Unsubscribe” from his channel!

[Image via YouTube/TodayTonight.]

Nov 19, 2015 2:40pm PDT

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