Charlie Sheen’s HIV-Positive Diagnosis Joked About In Sony Emails Leaked Last Year — Read What One Exec Said

Charlie's health was the subject of one awful email.

Wow. This is just sad.

It’s recently been uncovered that Charlie Sheen‘s HIV-positive diagnosis was actually the subject of one incredibly awful email leaked from the Sony hack of 2014.

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In case you don’t remember, the hack released numerous emails from the company’s execs, some of which slammed certain stars like Angelina Jolie, for instance.

Well, now we know she wasn’t the only one.

In a horrible e-mail sent to several Sony higher-ups, one person wrote:

“I think I will win the 90/10 bet on the over under on this ├óΓé¼┬ªit’s hard to to be a drug addict and be HIV positive and do 40 eps a year.”

The exec also included a link to an article referencing how crew of Charlie’s show Anger Management were threatening to quit since the actor was a no-show.

Clearly the unnamed person was implying that the 50-year-old actor wouldn’t be able to film 100 episodes of the show in two years like his 90/10 FX deal stated because of his serious health issue.

We can’t believe someone would be so awful to even joke about that.

Well… Charlie did make it to the 100th episode!

But it is surprising to know that Sheen’s HIV diagnosis was so well-known to insiders, and not just to his famous exes, Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller.

What do U think of it all???

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Nov 19, 2015 10:14am PDT

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