50 Cent Slams Derek Jeter For Allegedly Saying He’s ‘Too Urban’ In Botched Endorsement Deal

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Another day, another feud for 50 Cent!

On Thursday, the rapper lashed out at Derek Jeter after learning the athlete allegedly made disparaging comments about him to the underwear company Frigo.

Essentially, Derek was slated to be Frigo’s poster boy for the brand but was unable to attend the U.S. launch due to scheduling conflicts. When the company suggested Fitty as his replacement, the baseball-player reportedly backed out of the deal saying the New York native was “too urban”.

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Yikes! We could understand why that would be upsetting to Mr. Cent! Check out the outspoken singer’s angry Instagram post (below)!

Wow. It’s definitely crystal clear how the 40-year-old feels about D.J.!

Some fans aren’t thrilled about the sport icon’s comments either. One commenter ranted:

“Jeter does not want to be associated with “Urban” aka Blacks.. F*&% him ….50 from NY for real.”

Jeter’s comments are pretty incriminating! It’s important to note though that Derek’s father is African-American — we’re just hoping this is a situation of miscommunication!

As for the legal ramifications, the company is suing Derek for $4.7 million dollars in damages.

So, whose side are YOU on?

Nov 19, 2015 1:32pm PDT

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