Holly Holm Says She’ll Give Ronda Rousey A Rematch Just As Soon As She’s Healed!

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Mark your calendars… because it’s going to happen again!

Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm had one of the most anticipated fights in female MMA history on Sunday, and the unthinkable happened when the Bantamweight champion was knocked out in the second round!

Despite being taken to the hospital after losing the match, Ronda has already told fans that she is healing nicely and will be returning to UFC once she’s healed.

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But she better heal quickly, because Holly says she wants a rematch with Ronda once she’s back to peak fighting condition, telling E! News:

“That’s how it goes! I’ve been knocked down, knocked out, got to come back and avenge my loss.

I’ve been on the other end of it, so I feel like that’s just the way it goes. Anytime there’s a big upset, especially over somebody that’s been so dominating, that’s how it goes. You gotta give them the rematch.”

Talk about good sportsmanship!

Luckily for both fighters, UFC President Dana White has already stated that he’d allow a rematch, so as long as Ronda wants to defend her honor, this is pretty much a sure thing!

Ronda had been the champion for a staggering 1,074 days before losing to Holly, so we’re positive she’s going to do everything it takes to get her title back.

But who will YOU bet on??

[Image via UFC/Ronda Rousey/Instagram.]

Nov 19, 2015 5:53pm PDT

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