Not Everyone In Adele’s Life Is So Thrilled With Her HUGE Comeback — How Can That Be? Deets HERE!

adele son hates fame

Not everyone is happy with Adele‘s comeback!

In a recent radio interview with SiriusXM, the British singer revealed that her son Angelo isn’t 100% on board with his momma’s superstar lifestyle. In fact, the Hello performer even quipped that her little one “punishes” her when she’s gone for too long.


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She explained:

“You know what the killer thing is? When you get home and cannot wait to see them and they punish you. It is the worst when they kick off for you, and all you want to do is love them, and they are like, I don’t want to play with you. It is like the hardest thing ever. They make you cry and that is why they do it. They are so clever.”

Don’t we know it! In case you forgot, the hitmaker had her tiny tot back in 2012 with partner Simon Konecki.

She continued:

“Even the time making the record, the guilt. I don’t think any of us really get over it. It makes me emotional when I talk about it actually. Leaving him when he would rather be with me is hard. But he comes everywhere with me. He is in New York and he is having the greatest time ever.”

Tissues anyone?? We can only imagine how great of a mother the songstress is!

Still the 27-year-old shared that, though being a mom is very important to her, she decided to scrap some songs about being a momma off of 25. Hmm, very inneresting!

Regardless, we think Adele is TOTALLY slaying it right now. Snaps all around!

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Nov 20, 2015 8:29am PDT

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