Is Tyga Planning To Write A Nasty Tell-All Book On Kylie Jenner & The Kardashians? Deets HERE!

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Kris Jenner must be shaking in her boots right about now!

According to sources, Tyga is planning to write a tell-all book about Kylie Jenner and the Kardashian family for revenge. Apparently the rapper is NOT happy about the split and his departure from the famous family’s gravy train!

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The source revealed:

“Tyga did NOT sign a confidentiality agreement of any sorts because he has been a close friend of Kylie’s for a very long time and everyone just assumed that he was on their team. But Tyga knows more about that family that almost anyone alive.”

Yikes! We can’t even begin to imagine the wealth of knowledge Tygie has in his possession!

Speaking on juicy info, the father of one’s intel ranges from his ex to Kanye and Kim Kardashian West! The insider explained:

“Tyga knows how many plastic surgeries Kylie’s really had as he was there with her in the hospital. So of course, that is fair game for his book.”

Wait, so Jenner did have more work than just lip injections? Scandalous!

On Kanye and Kim:

“Tyga knows more about Kim and Kanye from working with Kanye on music. He has enough on them to write two books!”

Woah, we wouldn’t mess with the West, Tyga! We smell a lawsuit…

So, would YOU read the rapper’s book?

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Nov 20, 2015 7:41pm PDT

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