A Red Panda Has Escaped From The Zoo — And Staff Needs YOUR Help To Find The ‘Vulnerable’ Girl

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Let’s get Marsala home!

That’s the name of an 18-month-old female red panda that escaped from the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, California on Thursday afternoon — and zoo officials are desperately searching for her!

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According to the North Coast Journal in Eureka, zoo manager Gretchen Ziegler is concerned for the young red panda, who is about the size of a large house cat, but with a much bigger tail:

“She’s vulnerable, she’s never been out of the exhibit. She’s only been in the panda exhibit her whole life so she’s pretty naive. We’ll be searching all day and all night.”

Ziegler also added that zoo staff was trying to figure out how their beloved creature escaped:

“We have no idea how she got over the fence. It’s contained red pandas since it was built. Animals can do things you can’t imagine. We’re going to try to figure it out.”

And here’s a shot of Marsala — misidentified in multiple news reports as ‘Masala’ — (below):

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Isn’t she adorbz?!?!

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The red panda is clearly pretty important to the Sequoia Park Zoo, seeing as how her picture is featured prominently several times on the home page of the zoo’s website.

On the off chance you’re in Eureka and you spot Marsala, click HERE for more information on who to contact about getting her back to the zoo safely!

[Image via the Times-Standard.]

Nov 20, 2015 2:02pm PST

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