The Walking Dead FINALLY Gives Fans The Closure They Need! Find Out Glenn’s Fate HERE!

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Brace yourselves, Dead heads!

The Walking Dead fans have been kept in suspense for FOUR WHOLE WEEKS as one of the show’s original characters seemed to lose his life in an epic cliffhanger.

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But did he fall off the metaphorical cliff or what??

Sunday night’s episode Heads Up finally revealed Glenn’s fate once and for all! And the answer is…


He’s alive!

As many fans guessed — and mostly hoped — the guts being torn at by the horde of zombies in last month’s episode did indeed belong to Nicholas, who fell on top of Glenn.

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Glenn used the intestine distraction to slide under the nearby dumpster and wait out the walkers, who were apparently distracted by Enid escaping during the Alexandria attack!

And all that before the credits, which once again featured Steven Yeun‘s name!

So there you have it, fans! Are you happy to hear Glenn slipped out of death’s icy grasp??

For another day at least…

[Image via AMC.]

Nov 22, 2015 9:34pm PDT

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