Donald Trump Goes Full Bigot: Wants To Close Mosques, Start A Database To Track Muslims, & Waterboard Terrorism Suspects!

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This one is a doozy.

Donald Trump went on This Week, ABC‘s Sunday morning political talk show with host George Stephanopoulos, and gave a truly horrifying interview about Muslims in America.

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The talk ranged from waterboarding terrorism suspects, to developing a database to track Muslims, to possibly even shutting down mosques if he became president.

To top it all off, The Donald cited a false urban legend about Muslims in New Jersey supposedly cheering as the World Trade Center towers collapsed during the September 11th attacks — as Stephanopoulos repeatedly called Trump out for spreading lies.

Then, Trump hinted that he would run for president on a third party ticket if the Republicans don’t treat him “fairly.”

Oh boy.

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Trump has said a lot of controversial things during his run for the presidency, but calling for a database to track members of a religion while intimating that places of worship ought to be shut down in America is truly beyond the pale.

If you can stomach it, watch the entire interview for yourself (below) where the real estate mogul completely loses touch with all sense of reality:

That’s your frontrunner in the race for president, Republicans.

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Nov 23, 2015 12:39pm PDT

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