Walking Dead Star ‘Relieved’ His Fate Is No Longer A Secret — PLUS Find Out Why The Reveal Took So Long!

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It was a long month for Walking Dead fans.


Peerless post-apocalyptic boyfriend Glenn was last seen at the teeth end of a swarm of zombies when the episode just… ended.

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Like some kind of Schr├â┬╢dinger’s cat, his fate was left up in the air for three whole episodes.

Finally on Sunday night’s episode, fans got closure. And Steven Yeun — who was forced to keep the secret all that time — finally got to breathe!

The 31-year-old actor explained:

“I feel relieved. I feel very grateful. I feel so amazed at the response. I feel bad that I couldn’t say anything to everyone and to the family and friends I’m pretty sure I lost along the way. It’s been overwhelming. I didn’t know how to take it all.”

He’s particularly happy with the response he’s gotten from fans after the big reveal that Glenn did in fact survive the swarm:

“I think it proves that this world still can take that story of the good guy winning sometimes. I really like the fact that it’s not this bent of always seeking out something miserable happening on television or something terrible and sulking on that and rather just really accepting the fact that sometimes good guys survive.”

But WHY did it have to be a secret for so long anyway??

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Showrunner Scott Gimple had a very specific reason in mind:

“The story we were telling was one of uncertainty. When people leave the walls, in this case Alexandria, they don’t have cell phones. They aren’t rocking ’80s beepers. You don’t know what happens. You have no idea. When they leave, that could be the last time you ever see them. It was important to do a story this year about uncertainty and that the audience would share that uncertainty that the characters had, like in episode five: Maggie [Lauren Cohan] didn’t know what happened to Glenn and I wanted the audience to be exactly where she was and to feel the exact same way.”

OK, we guess that makes sense.

You know, from the point of view of someone trying to tell a good story. We GUESS. LOLz!

Are YOU satisfied with the way things turned out??

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Nov 23, 2015 11:28am PDT

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