Christie Brinkley Flaunts Her Bikini Bod — Can You BELIEVE She Is 61??

christie brinkley bikini

Looking good!

On Monday, Christie Brinkley took to Instagram to prove to the world she’s STILL one of the world’s most beautiful people. Bravo!

While on vacation to attend a Caribbean wedding with her family, the blonde beauty shared a series of sun-soaked, bikini pics (below).

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Though Miz Brinkley was definitely away to take in some rest and relaxation, she remembered to plug her book Timeless Beauty on all of IG posts.

She captioned the photo (above):

“So excited to make something special with the driftwood I just found ( under my foot) I am wearing Neutrogens Wet Skin broad spectrum . And I always have a hat !! For more tips on diet,exercise, hair make up etc check out my new book Timeless Beauty now available in book stores everywhere!@brinkleybeauty #timelessbeauty

LOLz, casual!

Once again, Christie proves that age is just a number. Snaps all around!

[Image via Christie Brinkley/Instagram.]

Nov 24, 2015 1:55pm PDT

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