Charlie Sheen’s Former Assistant Opens Up About The Actor’s Decadent Lifestyle And His HIV Diagnosis!

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Whether it’s the girls, the money, or the drugs, Steve Han has seen it all.

The 34-year-old was Charlie Sheen‘s assistant for two-and-a-half years, and was responsible for booking his travel and running his errands.

However, Han was more than just a PA; he became the Anger Management star’s close confidant who knew the 50-year-old’s deepest, darkest secrets.

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Including his HIV diagnosis.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail, Steve — who had Sheen’s blessing to participate — remembers the moment when he knew something was wrong with the thespian’s health.

In 2011, the sitcom star was incredibly inebriated with several porn stars and friends in his “party den” to the point where Sheen accidentally cut his leg with a knife.

While the partygoers didn’t think much of the blood, Sheen was extremely alarmed.

He even said outloud :

“Don’t touch my blood, don’t touch my blood, I got this.”

According to his assistant:

“It was such a strange reaction, he seemed genuinely concerned that someone might actually touch his blood├óΓé¼┬ª ‘We were partying in the party den, a room just off his bedroom, and we all blew his reaction off because we were in the midst of a wild night, but I knew deep down something was wrong, I could see it in his eyes├óΓé¼┬ª At the time I thought maybe he’s got Hep C or something, but I never imagined it was much worse├óΓé¼┬ª I knew he was dealing with something major but couldn’t put my finger on it.”

A year later, the NYC-native finally told Steve he was HIV positive.

“I remember I had got into some drama with one of Charlie’s body guards, he had been giving me a hard time and it upset me. That night Charlie took me to one side to ask what was wrong. We were sitting at his kitchen table and I unburdened myself and got a bit emotional, I told him all my problems. We were just being very honest with each other, I was explaining my feelings towards what was wrong with the body guard and he just started to talk about his problems and said life isn’t perfect. Then he just came out with it, ‘I’m HIV positive.”‘

When asked how he specifically contracted the virus, the controversial figure simply said:

“I f***ed up.”

Since this moment, Han was in charge of making sure Charlie took three anti-viral pills every day.

“If the pills had gone then I knew he had taken them, I knew it was important that he didn’t miss any days. Sometimes I would physically hand the meds to him, putting them in his mouth. He always expressed his displeasure.”

Not surprisingly, the PA became extremely close with the actor, and knew several intimate details about his sex life.

He recalls:

“I would spend more than $200 on dozens of tubes of Aquaphor healing ointment, which is normally used to treat dry skin├óΓé¼┬ª Charlie loved the stuff, he used it as sex lube, the girls would be covered from head to toe in it. I would have to drive some of them home and they’d moan that they’d be all sticky.”

He even confirms Charlie’s love of porn stars.

“Yes there were porn stars, sometimes four at a time, but it wasn’t as if Charlie was having sex in front of his staff, he kept that private.”

All in all, Steve was touched by his former boss’ generosity.

“‘I’d call and get him to wire $20,000 to a girl. And sometimes they didn’t even have sex, they just hung out with Charlie. He was very generous with everyone, including his staff.”

We thank Steve for his honesty, and we wish Charlie the best with his health.

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Nov 25, 2015 10:32pm PDT

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