Destiny’s Child Alum Michelle Williams Goes HAM On A Negative Commenter — But Did She Mess Up In Trying To Make A Point?!

Michelle Williams

Oh dang — this most certainly isn’t the holiday spirit!!

Former Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams decided to give a Facebook user a taste of her own medicine on Tuesday when she fired back at a comment she found offensive.

The post has since been deleted, but the 35-year-old kept the picture on Instagram (above). Along with the picture, the singer penned:

“Fun times in Birmingham, AL last night on #TheThankfulTour! The folks at New Rising Star were TURNED alllllllll the way up!!! Sooooo much love to Camisha Rivers for doing my hair and Sylvia Smith for my makeup!! Jason Bolin surprised me! This fun outfit is by Lollipop Boutique in New Jersey!!!”

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A fan decided to point out Miz Williams’ figure with the comment:

“Wtf happen to her she got Skinty.”

Needless to say, the gospel singer did not love what the user had to say and popped off:

“What happened to you, you have gotten soooooo FAT!!! Ma’am I’m not even gonna tell you that you could push back from a few plates because I’m a Christian and God is working on me to be a better person!!! You are certainly welcome to your opinion and observations but HONEY….make sure you look beauty pageant ready at ALL times before you come for ANYBODY!! Even on my worst day I’m still killing!! I believe in meeeeeee agaaaaaaaain!!! Now I’m sure you don’t like that do you!!??? Make sure you use wisdom on what’s necessary to put in people’s comment sections!!”


There’s gotta be some explanation for this right?!

After filtering through the pics comments on IG, we found Michelle explain her intentions (but not apologize) to another fan who was shocked by her response:

“realmichellew @lizzieray_ I wasn’t calling her fat as much as I was showing her what comments like that could possibly feel like. There were more comments made but I deleted them because I do have a mixture of people from different faiths and background that do follow me. I probably would have never saw the comment but being that I’m on a tour and we’re driving to the next destination…I had some time on my hands. Thank you for your love!! It won’t happen again. (I think) ├░┼╕Γäó╦å├░┼╕╦£╦£”

While we can definitely see her point here, there’s probably another (and less hateful) way to handle the situation!

Happy to hear this won’t be a problem in the future (we think)!

[Image via Instagram.]

Nov 25, 2015 10:03am PDT

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