Newborn Baby Found Abandoned At Church — In The Manger Of The Nativity Scene!

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A nativity scene at in a Queens, New York City church contained a very realistic prop!

According to reports, a church custodian found a newborn baby crying in the nativity set on Monday after he came back from lunch at around 1 p.m.!

Authorities said the custodian found the infant boy lying inside the manger wrapped in towels. Fortunately, the baby was then examined at Jamaica Hospital where he was found to be healthy and in stable condition.

This might seem like something out of an old biblical tale, but even today New York practices the Abandoned Infant Protection Act — a safe haven law that allows people to anonymously leave newborns at churches, hospitals, police, or fire stations.

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But in order to avoid prosecution, authorities have to be called immediately, or the baby has to be left in the care of someone.

In this case, neither one of those steps was taken, so police are searching for the person who abandoned the child through surveillance footage and witnesses.

Christopher Heanue, the pastor at the church, said the baby was over 5 pounds. He asked for prayers on the church’s Facebook page, sharing:

“Let us pray for this child. For his parents and for whomever will receive him into their home.”

Its so sad that someone would abandon a helpless newborn like this. We hope that this infant finds a loving home.

[Image via Christopher Ryan Heanue/CBS News.]

Nov 25, 2015 10:11am PDT

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