President Obama Assures Nation There Is No ‘Specific And Credible’ Threat For Terror Attacks On U.S. During Thanksgiving Weekend

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President Obama wants the people to rest easy for the Thanksgiving holiday.

On Wednesday morning, the president assured the citizens of the United States that there was no reason to suspect a terrorist attack comparable to the deadly Paris attacks earlier this month.

After getting an update from his national security team, POTUS assured was no “specific” threat to the US.

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Speaking from the Roosevelt Room in the White House, he said:

“As we go into Thanksgiving weekend, I want the American people to know is that we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. Right now, we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland. And that is based on the latest information that I just received in the Situation Room.”

This news comes as huge relief for travelers, especially after the State Department issued a worldwide travel alert earlier this week to exercise caution in light of the recent attacks across the globe.

With that, the president understood some of the concerns Americans had that a similar attack could happen over the holidays, saying:

“I know that families have discussed their fears about the threat of terrorism around the dinner table, many for the first time since September 11th. Watching the events in Paris made the threat feel closer to home.”

While he assured that the the government would update the public in the event of a specific threat coming to light, Obama told Americans to enjoy the holiday!

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He added:

“But otherwise, Americans should go about their usual Thanksgiving weekend activities, spending time with family and friends, and celebrating our blessings. While the threat of terrorism is a troubling reality of our age, we are both equipped to prevent attacks and we are resilient in the face of those who would try to do us harm.”

We’re glad the government is taking many steps to make the people feel comforted enough to go about their normal Thanksgiving activities — along with Black Friday activities, of course!

Watch Obama’s full speech (below):

[Image via C-SPAN.]

Nov 25, 2015 2:13pm PDT

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