Pastor & Parents Charged With Kidnapping, Assault, & Murder After Church’s Attempt To Beat Sins Out Of Teens

world of life church beating

We can’t believe this.

Murder charges have been filed on Tuesday against eight members of the Word of Life Christian Church in upstate New York for beating a 19-year-old boy to death and sending his 17-year-old brother to the hospital.

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Disturbingly, the young men’s parents Bruce Leonard (above) and Deborah Leonard (above) as well as 29-year-old pastor Tiffanie Irwin are included in those accused.

Police state that on October 11, Lucas Leonard was killed from blunt force trauma and his brother Christopher Leonard was hospitalized after the accused congregants beat the young men inside the church over the course of 12 hours.

This allegedly happened during a counseling session in an attempt to get the young men to confess to their sins.

On top of the boys’ parents being involved, their half-sister, Sarah Ferguson, also took part in the incident.

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Though only eight people were accused, prosecutors allege that there were nine people who beat the boys.

In all, two counts of murder and manslaughter as well as multiple counts of kidnapping, assault, and gang assault were all filed against six of the defendants — Bruce, Sarah, Linda Morey, Joseph Irwin, David Morey, and Tiffanie.

Deborah is going to be prosecuted separately and has a hearing set for next week

Currently both of the victim’s parents as well as Tiffanie are in police custody and unable to post bail. None of them have entered a plea to the charges yet.

[Image via Syracuse.]

Nov 25, 2015 3:26pm PDT

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