J.K. Rowling Defends Snape Haters — Explains Why Harry Potter Named His Son After The Professor!

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Ahhh, the great Snape debate rages on!!

It’s been eight years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out and people are STILL obsessing over the fact that Harry named his second son — Albus Severus — after Dumbledore and the ever so polarizing Snape.

It all started when author J.K. Rowling decided to do one of her popular Twitter Q&A’s on Friday…

A social media follower asked:

“Why did you pick Snape to name Harry’s kid after? I’m genuinely curious as he was nothing but abusive towards everyone.”

The author promptly responded, trying to formulate understanding in a series of messages:

Despite Dumbledore’s extremely complicated death, Snape did sacrifice his life for Harry at the Battle of Hogwarts. Makes you think, doesn’t it?!

After taking a break, J.K. signed back on to realize the heated conversation was still very much ongoing:

Then, the social chatter took a scary turn:


So is Rowling, considering she bailed to eat dinner!

We have a feeling Potter Heads will be chatting about this for years to come — despite a very solid explanation from the creator. OY VEY!

Nov 27, 2015 4:11pm PST

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