Future Demands Alcohol, Junk Food, And… Lemon Grass Candles?! See His Very Specific Concert Rider HERE!

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These are pretty specific demands!

Every time Future has a 45-minute show, he makes about $150,000 — which sounds pretty good, right?!

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We wouldn’t turn down that kind of money, but it’s not the cash in the contract that has people talking — it’s the tour demands!

A rider from one of the rapper’s December shows has leaked, and it reveals him and his crew asking for all kinds of stuff to be present at the show in addition to the money!

(For those already lost, a “rider” is basically a list of demands an entertainer makes to a concert hall/venue/studio/tour that must be fulfilled as part of the star’s appearance!)

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Anyways, Future’s list includes some funny and very specific stuff (below):

Four bottles of Ace of Spades
Four bottles of Ciroc
Four bottles of Moét
A lot more alcohol
Chicken fingers
Cheddar popcorn
“Fresh, white-powdered” donuts
Lemon grass-scented candles

Hey, who are we to judge a man who is secure enough to rock lemon grass-scented candles in his dressing room?! LOLz!!

Also… something tells us the chicken fingers, white-powdered donuts, and cheddar popcorn are more than canceling out the broccoli, but at least Future is getting his vegetables!!

If U were a celeb, what would U put on your rider?!

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Nov 30, 2015 12:41pm PDT

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