Justin Theroux’s Rep Responds To Horrible Allegation That The Actor Made Jokes About 9/11

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We’re glad this AWFUL rumor has been debunked.

Over the past few days, a terrible PageSix rumor about Justin Theroux and 9/11 sparked outrage amongst Americans, especially New Yorkers. In a nutshell, the article alleged a source on the set of The Leftovers overhead J.T. making a VERY off-color joke about the terrorist attacks.

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The actor allegedly said, “9/11 was the best thing that happened to New Yorkers,” in reference to apartment prices decreasing after the tragedy.

Obviously, the comment is beyond insensitive and very hurtful. It’s also disturbing considering Theroux is a longtime resident of NY and witnessed the aftermath first hand.

In response to the heinous story, Justin’s rep shot back:

“As a New Yorker and someone who has lived downtown for over 20 years, Justin would not make jest of 9/11.”

Phew, what a relief. We didn’t think Jennifer Aniston would be married to a person who would say those kinds of things, anyways!

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time an actor has caused controversy surrounding 9/11.

Earlier this year, Steve Rannazzisi lied about his involvement in the attacks and his deception caused a lot of heartache for the victims.

So, do YOU believe Justin?

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Nov 30, 2015 5:07pm PDT

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