Michael Lohan’s Ex Kate Major Arrested After Threatening To Slit A Passenger’s Throat Mid-Flight

This was one frightening flight.

It doesn’t sound like Kate Major had a very happy Thanksgiving.

Last week — the day before Turkey Day — Lindsay Lohan‘s father’s ex was on a Jetblue flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Los Angeles.

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But now, new information is circulating about the dramatic details.

According to an FBI agent, the 33-year-old seemed to be drunk when she boarded the plane, and only got more rambunctious once the flight was underway.

The agent explained that Michael Lohan‘s estranged wife “immediately became disruptive” when a flight attendant asked her to put her seat upright during takeoff.

And once they were about 10,000 feet in the air, multiple passengers claimed they heard and saw the Illinois native making threats at the person sitting next to her, calling her seatmate’s wife “a bitch,” and even threatening to “slit her throat.”


It was so bad, in fact, that Jetblue employees moved the momma-of-two’s seat so the captain could watch her during the trip.

But the drama wasn’t over.

When a flight attendant refused to serve Kate a glass of wine, she supposedly swore at the staff member and began to film her with her cell phone.

Then, the famous dad’s ex threatened to stab the airline worker, and threw her mobile device at the employee. Although it initially missed, it bounced off the side of the plane and still hit the attendant.

The pilot diverted the plane to New Orleans where the scandalized momma was arrested once the aircraft landed.

On Friday, a judge ordered that Kate was free to go as long as she checks in to rehab — specifically Sovereign Health Treatment in San Clemente, California — and coughs up a $25,000 bond.

She agreed, and as a part of her release, LiLo’s estranged stepmom had to give up her passport, remain under federal supervision, and agree to no longer travel outside the continental US.

That sure sounds like one frightening flight.

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Nov 30, 2015 3:36pm PDT

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