One Taylor Swift Fan Had Her Wildest Dreams Come True After Meeting The Singer Before She Could Lose Her Hearing Forever!

taylor swift meets fan about lose hearing

This is just so sweet!

On Saturday, one Taylor Swift fan had her Wildest Dreams come true when she was able to watch and meet the 25-year-old singer at her concert in Sydney, Australia.

Of course what makes this meet-and-greet even more special is that the fan, Jorja Hope, suffers from an inner-ear condition which will make her lose her hearing eventually. How sad!

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The brave 12-year-old seemed to have accepted her fate except for the fact that she had yet to hear her fave artist sing live — which inspired her twin sister Chloe to make a Facebook campaign and had #helpjorjameettaylorswiftsydney go viral on social media! Luckily, the local radio station Nova 96.9 helped the twins in their mission.

Well done. And it seems that Tay Tay heard the family’s plea because the blonde beauty made sure to meet with her superfan.

Jorja’s mom Melissa shared:

“Things like this happen to other people, not to people like us. It’s been a fairy tale. Jorja has battled her whole life from being born preemie with growth problems, to surgeries on her ears already and five surgeries for broken bones. She is a fighter, no matter what happens, she smiles and keeps going.”

Aww, we couldn’t be happier for the kiddo!

As for Jorja, she couldn’t be more floored after her time spent with the starlet. She explained:

“[She’s] very, very amazing. And very pretty. Taylor Swift, she is my idol. She’s a good role model. I didn’t expect her to be as tall as she was!”

LOLz! Well that’s fair. The Hope family has since thanked everyone for their love and support in getting this incredible dream to come true!

Snaps all around.

[Image via Twitter.]

Nov 30, 2015 7:17am PDT

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