Leonardo DiCaprio Does NOT Get Raped By A Bear In The Revenant! See How The Grizzly Rumor Got Started HERE!

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Leonardo DiCaprio‘s upcoming film The Revenant looks pretty intense!

But according to The Drudge Report, the Alejandro I├â┬▒├â┬írritu directed epic achieved new levels of cinematic violence — and bestiality — with a scene that shows Leo’s character getting raped by a bear!

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On Tuesday, the aggressive news site reported that the scene when the Wolf of Wall Street actor gets attacked by a grizzly bear (which is shown in the film’s trailer) results in the lead actor getting raped “twice”!

The site reported:

“The bear flips Leo over and thrusts and thrusts during the explicit mauling.”

Since so few have seen the film, which won’t hit theaters until Christmas, the story spread pretty quickly — all the way back to 20th Century Fox!

A spokesperson told Entertainment Weekly that while Leo’s character does get viciously attacked in the film, no such raping exists:

“As anyone who has seen the movie can attest, the bear in the film is a female who attacks Hugh Glass because she feels he might be threatening her cubs. There is clearly no rape scene with a bear.”

It seems like The Drudge Report was severely misinformed — or just drudging up something to write about on a slow news day?

Either way, we wouldn’t be surprised if a cub reporter got fired over this!

Check out the lack of bear-rape for yourself when The Revenant hits theaters in limited release December 25 and everywhere January 8.

[Image via 20th Century Fox.]

Dec 1, 2015 6:56pm PDT

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