Sources Reveal The REAL Reason Behind Yolanda & David Foster’s Split After The Reality Star Pens An Emotional Post About Accepting The ‘Cards Life Has Dealt’

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Yolanda Foster is in a dark place.

Following news that the reality TV staple’s four year marriage to David Foster is over, the reality star penned an emotional blog post on her health issues and feelings about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season six premiere.

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Despite Foster’s best attempts to stay upbeat, the message was ultimately sad and depressing, especially in light of her split. The blonde expressed:

“I have gone from being an outspoken multi-tasking social butterfly to a hostage of my debilitating disease. I might only be a shell of the woman I used to be, but my heart is still the same, and even though I can only do life one day at a time, I am at peace and have surrendered to my new normal–for now.”

Aww. We can’t imagine what it would be like to undergo such a drastic transformation. It’s hard to remember the Yolanda who harvested lemons on her HUGE Malibu estate!

The mother of three added:

“I wish my message was more fun and glamorous than this, but I accept that these are the cards life has dealt me. I’m extremely fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to travel to 11 countries, five states, and see 100+doctors, but the truth is that even though I have made great strides in the past six months, I have not found a cure yet.”

What a disappointment. We thought the 51-year-old’s health improved after she fixed a leaking breast implant. It’s too bad the road to recovery has been so difficult for the gorgeous socialite.

In fact, the recovery has been so arduous that sources allege it’s what caused the split between her and David. The insider confirmed:

“Things really changed in their relationship as Yolanda got sick, and then when her health worsened. David travels all the time and they simply weren’t spending any time together. They just grew apart and the intense stress over her health and the disease was very hard on their marriage.”

So sad. We hope Y.L. is able to find someone who can accept her disease.

As for Foster’s reaction to her castmates cruel jabs at her lack of makeup on Tuesday night’s premiere, she shot back:

“I could look at tonight’s episode with mixed emotions, but I’ve grown apart from looking at what’s NOT. I am blessed to have a voice and a platform that can bring awareness to not only my disease but to the most profound lesson of it all, which is to lead a life with compassion, kindness, and without judgement, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

Preach, girl! We wish nothing but the best for you!

So, what do YOU think about Yolanda’s post?

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Dec 2, 2015 12:07pm PST

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