OMG, Wearing Hair Ties On Your Wrist Won’t Give You An Infection — If You Follow One Simple Step!

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A story is currently making its way around the Internet about a Kentucky woman who had to undergo hand surgery after wearing a hair tie on her wrist for too long.

Audree Kopp was busy moving into her new home in Louisville two weeks ago when she noticed a bump on her wrist getting bigger — and eventually turning into a full-on large abscess!

And it turns out the infection was caused by bacteria on the hair tie she wore around her wrist!

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While the woman was able to get surgery and is already healing from her three infections, people started freaking out because keeping hair ties on your arm in case you ever need them is a fairly common practice… but luckily, we’re here to ease your fears!

While Audree’s story is 100 percent true and quite terrifying, the chances of the same thing happening to you are quite slim.

For one thing, the man who treated Audrey two weeks ago Dr. Amit Gupta admitted that he’d never seen an example of Strep, Staph, or Poly Negative being transferred via hair tie in his 25-year career.

Considering practically EVERYONE with long hair wears them, that’s a pretty long lucky streak.

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Similarly, the infections were caused by bacteria from the mouth, so anything that came in contact with her saliva could have potentially been at fault… not just the glittery hair tie.

Most importantly, Audree had a small cut on her wrist. And you shouldn’t put anything on an open wound — especially something that sheds debris, say, glitter for instance!

Just make sure to wash your hands regularly and keep foreign objects away from cuts and scratches, and you should be totally fine.

But just to be safe… maybe toss those glitter hair ties. For aesthetics as much as safety. LOLz!

Dec 2, 2015 1:03pm PST

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