Your Netflix Account Might Have Been Hacked — Get The Deets On The Scam & How To Protect Yourself!

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Protect yourself!

A while back, Netflix started allowing multiple users to be signed in to one account at the same time.

This is fantastic for friends and family who want to watch movies and tv shows off the streaming service without paying anything extra, but there could be an unexpected danger here!

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Apparently this policy has created a sort of black market for stolen Netflix account information.

McAfee Labs has revealed that there are “Dark Web” marketplaces — which are only accessed through a special internet browser called TOR that hides your IP address — where your account information for the popular streaming service can be bought and sold!

Business Insider reports that the hackers that are a part of this online market are selling lifetime passes to Netflix accounts for as little as $0.50.

What’s worse is sometimes the hackers just take the login credentials and post them on the web for anyone to use.

A writer for Motherboard, Rachel Pick, noticed she might be experiencing a hack when she saw strange shows popping up under “Recently Watched” on her account.

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Pick took matters into her own hands and used the tool “” which gives you a general idea of whether or not your personal information has been leaked to the internet. Of course Rachel discovered her information was on a site along with 2,400 other users.

While “” is a great tool, it’s not foolproof — especially if your info has been sold on the “Dark Web” market.

Thankfully, Netflix also has a feature that allows you to force all the users who are on your account to log out!

When logged in, all you have to do is Here is go to the account page and select “sign out of all devices” and then just confirm.

Once that’s done just change your password and everyone’s locked out!

We really hope you aren’t a victim of hacking but if you are, make sure you take the proper steps to protect yourself!

Dec 2, 2015 1:26pm PDT

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