So Sad! Oprah Winfrey Reveals The Name Of The Premature Baby She Lost At 14

oprah winfrey son name

This is so sad.

On Wednesday, Oprah Winfrey opened up about the premature baby boy she lost when only 14 years old while speaking at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia.

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To the 15,000 people in the crowd, the media mogul explained:

“I did an interview with a reporter before I came to Australia and she said you should name the baby son who died. So I have named him, I had a little boy named Canaan. I did have a son. And I named him Canaan because Canaan means new land, new life.”

We can’t even imagine how hard that must have been for the former Queen of daytime TV. Not only did Miz Winfrey share her lost son’s name but she also talked about the traumatic childhood that caused her pregnancy in the first place.

She continued:

“I was raped at 9 years old by a cousin, then again by another family member, and another family member.”

Apparently, the icon attempted to hide her pregnancy because she felt so much “pain and shame.” Young Canaan died only a few weeks after his mother gave birth to him. Tragic.

Oprah’s dark past wasn’t even revealed until 1990 when a relative leaked the story. Talk about betrayal!

Luckily for the 61-year-old, once her truth was exposed she felt free from it all.

In a previous blog post, she wrote:

“And I soon realized that having the secret out was liberating. What I learned for sure was that holding the shame was the greatest burden of all.”

No wonder Oprah is so AH-Mazing — she has overcome so much in her life! We couldn’t be more impressed with the quadruple threat for her candor with fans.


[Image via Andres Otero/WENN.]

Dec 2, 2015 2:14pm PST

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