Oprah Winfrey Opens Up About Her New Weight Loss Journey & Reveals Why This Time Is Different!

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It’s no secret Oprah Winfrey struggles with her weight.

Despite being on point with just about EVERYTHING in her life, Winfrey is in constant battle with the scales. From yo-yo dieting to cutting out carbs, the host has tried it all.

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Now Opie is opening up about her new lease on life and how she dropped 15 pounds since August. The talk show host revealed:

“I’ve wishy-washed with diets and exercise my whole life. Now I’m ready to go beyond the scale and declare a new way of being in the world.”

Woot! It’s all about shifting perspectives, boo!

The mogul added:

“I wanted a plan for life, and here it was in the form of Weight Watchers. For me, this is not a diet. It’s a whole shift in perspective. So yes, for sure, I’m a bona fide convert.”

What an endorsement! Now we know why the 61-year-old bought a TON of the company’s stock!

Reminiscing on her past failures, Oprah admitted:

“I was fed up with my lose-and-gain-again routine. I’d had enough of no-carb regimens. Some people can live without bread and pasta, but it just doesn’t make sense to me. All the times I tried to do so only made me crave them more.”

Well, the businesswoman’s mantra isn’t so far off from Khlo├â┬⌐ Kardashian‘s shunning of diets. It does has the word “die” in it, after all!

In a final sound off about her weight, O.W. relayed this positive message:

“Now repeat after me: Here’s to good health. To the new year. To simply (or not so simply) deciding to be happy. To finally getting motivated.”

Wise words, O!

[Image via Oprah Winfrey.]

Dec 2, 2015 12:40pm PDT

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