Gwen Stefani Says Her Divorce From Gavin Rossdale Was ‘Completely Not In The Plan At All’

Gwen says 2015 was a 'horrible, crazy year.'

Gwen Stefani says 2015 didn’t go the way she wanted at ALL!

The blonde beauty vented to Elvis Duran on Thursday about her bad breakup with Gavin Rossdale, admitting that it was incredibly crushing.

The 46-year-old told the radio DJ about how her crumbling marriage turned this year into a terrible one:

“I got a divorce, which was completely not in the plan at all. I don’t know. For me, it surely wasn’t. A shock. A horrible, crazy year and explosion in my life.”

The No Doubt singer and the Bush rocker’s relationship was reportedly ruined once The Voice coach discovered her main man had been cheating on her with their nanny, Mindy Mann.

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But, the songwriter confessed that music was able to help her cope with the devastating divorce, adding:

“At that time, I wanted to go in and write. I just wanted to be in my bed crying and do what you do when life falls apart . . . Anyways, I went to the studio, and I was convinced that I had to make something out of this.”

Blake Shelton‘s new lady love explained that she hadn’t be able to write for a while before her split started:

“I think what happens is in life you go through so many different phases especially with success and like with art. You can get blocked. I think everything that had gone in my life in the last five years, it just got blocked.”

But, she admitted that the overwhelming sadness was exactly what she needed to shake her writer’s block:

“Every time I write a song, it’s the most incredible feeling. I had written a bunch of songs, I was so proud of it. I couldn’t believe it. For me, it was like I channeled God.”

Well, we’re really glad Gwen’s job was able to get her through such a tough time! Ch-ch-check out her full interview (below)!

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Dec 3, 2015 5:18pm PDT

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