Kim Kardashian Once Again Proves She’s So OVER Being Pregnant — Now What Physical Change Is Getting On Her Nerves?!

kim kardashian baby weight cankles

Kim Kardashian West needs to give birth like tomorrow!

It’s no secret that the KUWTK starlet has hated her pregnancy experience and it appears nothing’s changed as her due date nears.

On Thursday, North West‘s momma took to her website and posted:

“I’m feeling fat as f*ck. My cankles are out of control… [I’m] craving Lay’s Barbecue potato chips.”

Poor thing! We can only imagine how the brunette beauty feels since she is about ready to pop.

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In fact, Kanye West even hinted earlier this week that his lady could give birth any day now.

Despite the 35-year-old’s insecurity about her size, she’s been an active defender about her weight gain throughout this whole process. Recently, the fashionista shut down a hater who called her out for talking about food on Twitter.

Though hopefully Kimmy Kakes doesn’t go into labor too soon as it was reported that both she and the All Day rapper haven’t picked a name for their unborn son.

Well they better hurry up. WE KID!

Still we couldn’t be more excited for Yeezus Jr.‘s impending arrival. Let the countdown begin!

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Dec 3, 2015 3:15pm PDT

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