Nicolas Cage Labeled A Hero For Assisting In Tracking Down A Missing Teen! Wait, What?

nicolas cage missing teen hero

Forget the Declaration Of Independence! Nicolas Cage is saving PEOPLE now.

On Friday, it was reported that — thanks to the Oscar winner — police were able track down an Ohio teenager and the person that had kidnapped her. Wait, what?

Apparently, the National Treasure actor posed next to Alexis Boroviak‘s stepdad Britton Ramsey with a missing poster for a picture to help raise awareness. Whoa!

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Sure enough the snap went viral and Miz Boroviak was found two days ago after allegedly being held against her will by Chris Schroeder.

It’s said that the 15-year-old met her captor online and the police were able to track the suspect through a social media link from the accused’s computer. Wow!

Now Britton has expressed his gratitude for the A-lister since he believes that Nic’s support was the key to finding Alexis. We doubt the cops feel that way.

Still, Britton claims that because of the viral pic he was able to navigate through bad neighborhoods when searching for his stepdaughter as people recognized him as the ‘Nicolas Cage Guy’ and offered to help in his search. Color us impressed!

The relieved parent shared that he hasn’t seen Nic since the photo was taken but 100% wants to buy him a beer. LOLz!

Who knows if the 51-year-old will actually accept the offer, but we’re just happy to learn that Alexis is safe and sound.

[Image via Twitter.]

Dec 4, 2015 11:17am PDT

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