San Bernardino Shooters Bought All Their Weapons Legally On The Internet At Discount Gun Shops

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It’s scary how easy it is to purchase a gun like this.

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, the attackers in San Bernardino earlier this week bought all of their guns (pictured above) legally, over the Internet, at stores specializing in cheap weapons.

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The stores, with names like, and, essentially look like Amazon or any other online retailer considering the ease with which one can purchase a massive firearm with just a few clicks (below):

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A Bushmaster assault rifle at Bud’s Gun Shop, for example, retails for $607 — with free shipping, and the option for even steeper discounts based on how customers choose to pay.

For comparison, that’s a 15% discount against the exact same Bushmaster assault rifle at outdoor giant Cabela’s, which runs about $700 — and, of course, Cabela’s will only sell guns in person, as opposed to shipping them online.

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Bud’s Gun Shop is also very open about helping customers with the easiest possible way to navigate California’s strict gun laws, writing on their site:

“Due to the amount of restrictions the State of California has placed for the ownership of firearms. we have dedicated an entire category of our website to help get you the firearms you need! You can find some of our 100% verified California legal firearms in the categories below.”


It’s horrifying that anyone could do this. But sometimes it’s scarier just how easily they can do it.

[Image via San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office/]

Dec 4, 2015 5:44pm PDT

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