Endangered White Tiger Cub Freezes To Death At Zoo During Regional Blackout — Find Out What Happened Here

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A rare white Bengal tiger cub froze to death at a zoo due to a power-blackout.

According to local reports, the month-and-a-half old cub died from the cold in the “Fairy Tale” Zoo in Crimea — a peninsula on the Northern coast of the Black Sea.

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After a blackout has been continuing for almost two weeks, the zoo’s backup generators failed and the cub — which had been rejected by its mother — was unable to be kept warm by the zoo staff.

Zoo director Oleg Zubkov said:

“We couldn’t provide heating. We have a very big collection. We have 1,500 animals and birds. There, unfortunately, wasn’t enough heating for all.”

The White Bengal tigers is a rare breed of the highly endangered Bengal tiger — only 2,000 are estimated to be left in the wild.

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The zoo isn’t the only part of Crimea without power — the entire region is the victim of an energy blockade after Russian troops seized the land from the Ukraine in 2014.

Most of the disputed peninsula has been without power since Ukrainian nationalists blew up the power lines to the mainland.

Russia has been able to restore some power after flying in hundreds of emergency generators — and engineers are trying to establish a full-power connection to the Russian mainland using underwater electricity cables.

Hopefully, Russia is able to restore full power after before there are any more innocent casualties.

[Image via ABC News.]

Dec 4, 2015 6:08pm PDT

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