Tiffany Thornton’s Husband Seen Drinking Heavily Before His Car Accident — Get The Details Here

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This is so terrible.

Last Friday, Disney star Tiffany Thornton‘s husband Chris Carney tragically died in a car accident along with another man Ezekiel Blanton in Arkansas.

Blanton was behind the wheel of the car that flew off of the road and hit a tree while going around a bend.

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Unfortunately, it’s sounding like the story gets sadder as TMZ reports that people at The Tavern in Little Rock — where the 35-year-old and his buddy had been drinking — said that Chris was drinking pretty heavily before he got in the car with Ezekiel.

Not only was the former singer taking several shots of Fireball Whiskey, Vegas Bombs and drinking beer, but he apparently drank to the point where he couldn’t stand up. YIKES!

Chris of course couldn’t drive in the state he was in, so Ezekiel took the wheel — only problem is Carney’s friend had also been drinking beer and taking some shots. Though Tiffany’s husband seemed smart enough not to drive, we just wish his friend would have done the same.

The former MTV star also struggled with alcohol for a period of time but his mom says her son had been sober for a year.

Sadly the former rocker leaves behind his wife Tiffany and their two kids.

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Dec 7, 2015 8:06am PDT

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