Hillary Clinton Or Donald Trump?? New Poll Shows Who Would Win Presidential Election If It Happened Today — And WHY!

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Rest easy, folks — if Donald Trump actually did win the GOP nomination for president, he will NOT win the race for the White House!

That’s because a new national MSNBC poll out Friday morning shows that Hillary Clinton beats The Donald soundly in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup!

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The MSNBC poll put Clinton against each Republican candidate in the field, and found that as of today she would win against every single one of them!

The former First Lady beats out Trump by the most points; in a hypothetical election match-up between the two, Hillary is pulling down 52% of the vote compared to just 41% for The Donald.

Considering Trump’s massive lead among Republicans, though, how is this possible?! Well… it’s simple! No Latinos appear to be interested in voting for Trump!

Clinton outdoes the real estate mogul 61% to 34% among Latino voters in this poll. WOW!!! It’s almost as if months of talking bad about immigrants is now hitting Trump where it hurts!

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The Donald isn’t the only one feeling the wrath of the former Senator from New York, though. Hillary is defeating every other GOP candidate in hypothetical head-to-head polls, including Ted Cruz (51% to 44%), Jeb Bush (49% to 45%), Marco Rubio (48% to 45%), and Ben Carson (48% to 47%).

Against all four of those candidates, too, Hillary leads the Latino vote by at least 20% in each instance.

Seems like appealing to all voters is a ticket for success… who knew?!

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Dec 7, 2015 12:36pm PDT

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