Kristin Cavallari Speaks Out About Her Missing Brother

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This is the last thing a family should go through during the holiday season.

On Monday, Kristin Cavallari thanked fans for their support following the news that her older brother, Michael Cavallari, is missing. The San Clemente resident hasn’t been seen since November 27.

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Here’s a recap on the details about Michael’s bizarre case — according to authorities, the 30-year-old’s empty Honda Civic was found in Utah, about 100 feet off Interstate 70. The motor was still running and the air bags had been deployed, but Cavallari’s cell phone and laptop were in the car.

Check out a picture of Mike’s abandoned vehicle (below):

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Yikes. How ominous.

But wait, the case gets even weirder. Cops say M.C. was last seen at a convenience store about 100 miles south of his car. A sheriff commented on the weird situation:

“There’s really no signs of anything. There’s no sign of foul that we can tell. We’re still piecing everything together.”

Hmm… did Michael want to disappear? Or perhaps Kristin’s sibling ran into some trouble after leaving the convenience store. Also, how did the one time California resident manage to travel 100 miles without his vehicle?

Either way, the fashion designer is absolutely devastated over her bro’s strange case. Take a look at the mom of three’s pleas on social media (below):

So sad. This incident must be especially hard since the blonde just gave birth to her daughter on November 23.

We send our best thoughts to Kristin and her family during this stressful time.

[Image via Today/Instagram.]

Dec 7, 2015 11:51am PDT

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