Gigi Hadid Dishes On Sis Bella Hadid’s Clothing Thievery, Her Dream Dinner Party, & The Concept Of Loyalty! Watch HERE!

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Gigi Hadid just got super candid for British Vogue!

In an installment of What Would Gigi Do?, the gorgeous model opened up about being a big sis’ to Bella Hadid, her dream dinner party, and her thoughts on loyalty. Let’s just say the sit down is REALLY interesting and revealing!

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Speaking on sister Bella, the model admitted sometimes it’s hard being so close in age AND in size. AKA: The Weeknd‘s girlfriend is a clothes thief!

The blonde explained:

“We don’t even live together and she still does it. She manages to be like, ‘I came here in gym clothes and now we’re going to dinner…’ I’m like, ‘Take whatever you want,’ but now I have a list on my phone.”

Ha! At least the supermodel has a system in place!

Despite the clothes stealing, Gigi revealed that she’s actually a protective older sister and even recalled a time when she put a nosy photographer in his place.

To hear the entertaining anecdote and MORE juicy info, watch the vid in full (below)!

Woah, that was a lot of deets to digest! We just wonder what the upside down “L” in that drawing represents… admittedly we’re a tad confused!

So, what did YOU think of the vid?

Dec 8, 2015 1:11pm PDT

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