The Late Scott Weiland’s Tour Bus Was Filled With All Sorts Of Drugs

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What a sad discovery.

On Wednesday, authorities revealed that a TON of drugs were found on the late Scott Weiland‘s tour bus. For those who don’t know, Scott was found dead in one of the vehicle’s bedrooms on December 3 and the cause of death remains undetermined.

In another sad turn of events, cops say the 48-year-old’s bus contained cocaine, generic version of Xanax, two different brands of sleeping pills, a synthetic opiate painkiller, and Viagra. The vehicle also had medication to treat Scott’s bipolar disorder.

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Despite Weiland claiming in a June 2015 interview that he had been off drugs for thirteen years, the bulk of the narcotics found in his bedroom suggests otherwise. The discovery is very upsetting especially since Nine Inch Nails guitarist Richard Patrick prophesied the tragedy just a few months ago, saying:

“The fans are just sticking up for Scott, and they have no idea of what is going on behind the scenes and it’s actually they’re pushing him into his death, because they’re making him believe that whatever I did is acceptable, and I can be as high as I want and I can do as much drugs as I want.”

So sad. It’s obvious S.W.’s attempts at rehab and sobriety ultimately proved too difficult.

The tour bus revelation will no doubt fan the flames of the sobriety debate — Scott’s widow Jamie Wachtel claims he didn’t die of an overdose, while his ex-wife Mary Forsberg shared that the singer’s penchant for “bad choices” ultimately did him in.

Either way, it’s a tragic situation for Weiland’s two children and his other loved ones.

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Dec 9, 2015 11:44am PDT

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