Sarah Silverman Penned An Email To Her Late Mother After First-Ever SAG Nomination

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Who was the first person Sarah Silverman told when she received her first-ever SAG Awards nomination?

The 45-year-old comedienne revealed to People at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Women in Entertainment breakfast on Wednesday that she only shared the news with her late mother:

“I didn’t tell anybody. You learn early in Hollywood not to share your wares or brag. My mom died in August, but I email her good news, so I emailed her. On my birthday I wrote her a really long email and today, I found a picture of the list of names, the five [actress’] names and I sent her the picture and I said, ‘I got nominated! And I miss you,’ it’s so corny.'”

We don’t think that’s corny at all!

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Michael Sheen‘s love — who is being recognized for her dramatic role in I Smile Back — admitted she thought someone had died when her manager Amy Zvi called her in tears to tell her the exciting announcement:

“I answered the phone and she was sobbing. I thought somebody died. I didn’t realize these were being announced [today] … But yeah, I’m totally in shock.”

Silverman recently opened up about her longtime battle with depression, and how’s she’s been able to get her health under control. When she found out about the nomination, she couldn’t help but be excited:

“I worked so hard in therapy to not let my self-esteem be defined by outside sources but today, f*ck it. I’ve just been letting myself feel really nice from it. I’m totally shocked. I’m not trying to be humble. Everyone who works with me is shocked, it’s so lovely, it was unexpected and I’m really letting it make me feel great.”

The actress added:

“This is just an unbelievable frosting on a great cake of a good life. But I’m excited because most starlets are discovered at 45, and I just turned 45.”

Is that how it works?? LOLz!

We are so happy for her!

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Dec 10, 2015 11:45am PDT

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