Watch Pro Golfer Jordan Spieth Go Full Happy Gilmore At A Real-Life Tournament!

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Go to your home, ball!!!

Professional golfer Jordan Spieth was taking part in the Grapefruit Pro-Am Golf Tournament in Vero Beach, Florida on Sunday with his friend, country music star Jake Owen, when the BEST thing happened.

Video: EXCLUSIVE! Jake Resurrects Pop-Up Video With His New Song!

Since Pro-Ams aren’t taken that seriously, golfers usually have a little fun with them — and oh boy, did Spieth ever have fun on the first hole!

Ch-ch-check out the pro golfer channel his best Happy Gilmore impression with a little running head start to driving the ball down the fairway (below):

If Jordan really wanted to impersonate Adam Sandler‘s character, he ought to consider what happened is the film’s pro-am tournament with celeb partner Bob Barker

That’s right — time for Spieth to get in a fight with Owen on the course!

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Dec 14, 2015 10:34am PST

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