Teen Says Ed Sheeran Saved Him From Anorexia — Read The Inspiring Story HERE!

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This is the power of music!

And of Ed Sheeran

British teen Ashton Wyss says the Thinking Out Loud singer deserves the credit for saving him from anorexia five years ago when he was struggling with the disorder.

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When Wyss was twelve years old, he was depressed and wasn’t fitting in at school. All that caused him to stop eating, to the point where he started losing weight and getting seriously sick.

The teen was eventually transferred into therapy, and while that helped, Wyss says it along wouldn’t have been enough:

“When I look back, I was grateful for treatment, but it just didn’t work for me at the time. I needed to get better in my own way. As soon as I played [Sheeran’s] music, I could feel my mood lifting. I learned how to play Ed Sheeran’s songs by watching how he moved his fingers along the instrument in his music videos … [It] became my coping mechanism. It helped me to let my feelings out instead of trapping them inside which makes me feel worse.”


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The teen noticed an immediate change in his health the more he used Sheeran’s music to cope:

“I began to see myself putting weight back on, and by February 2012, I was nearly back to my normal weight. I felt so much happier in myself, now that I’d found my coping mechanism.”

Now Ashton — who has seen Ed play live twice — is studying music at Access To Music College in London, the renowned school where Sheeran himself (and other stars like Rita Ora) studied!

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Now, there’s just one more thing on Wyss’ to-do list with Sheeran:

“I love Ed Sheeran and I feel so proud to be following in his footsteps. It’s my dream to meet him. The closest I came was when I waited for hours after a gig for him to appear. I nearly got a selfie but at the last second a girl jumped in front, so you can just see me in the background.”

Ed, buddy, this is your chance!

Seriously, though, so glad to hear Ashton is doing well, and that he found his coping mechanism for the difficulties in life. We all need one!!

[Image via Ashton Wyss/Emma Bryant/WENN.]

Dec 15, 2015 5:57pm PDT

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