Vicki Gunvalson Is ‘Struggling’ & ‘Emotionally Hurt’ Following The Brooks Ayers Cancer Scandal

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Vicki Gunvalson is struggling to make it through the holiday season.

According to sources, the reality star is extremely hurt after learning that her longtime boyfriend Brooks Ayers concocted a cancer hoax. The blonde is also having a hard time making peace with the backlash from fans and costars following the October revelation.

Watch: Vicki Opens Up On The Brooks Cancer Hoax

A source said of the situation:

“Vicki was really, really struggling for a while after that all went down. She is a tough cookie, but she also has a soft inside and that whole incident hurt her emotionally.”

Yikes! If V.G. really was in the dark like she claims, then we could see how the truth must have been devastating!

The insider added:

“No one will know whether or not she actually knew what was going on except for her and Brooks. She will definitely figure it out because she always does. But Vicki really became the target and that just wasn’t fair. The women on that show are out for blood. When they are against someone they are all extremely vicious. They went after Vicki to take her down and that is the bottom line. I feel bad that she had to go through that, regardless of if she lied or didn’t lie. She is a human being and that really hurts.”

Hmm. We definitely think Vick’s slighted costars would disagree!

As for Brooks, he’s still claiming his innocence and preaching to his Twitter followers that #realitytvisnotreal. Check out Ayers’ latest post (below):


Hopefully Vicki bounces back from this scandal…everyone deserves a second chance!

[Image via Instagram/Bravo.]

Dec 15, 2015 7:17pm PST

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