Judge In Kelly Rutherford Case Made Custody Ruling Out Of Fear She Would Abduct Her Children — Get The Details Here

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This must be so difficult.

Over the last few months, Kelly Rutherford has gone through the wringer with her custody battle.

In July, the actress lost custody of her two children, Hermes and Helena to her husband Daniel Giersch.

After her kids spent the summer in the United States with her, they were supposed to return to their father but Kelly refused to give them up.

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Of course the mother of two eventually had to return her children, but she continued to battle.

Well just yesterday, a judge gave the final ruling in the case that Hermes and Helena are to live full time in Monaco. Of course the blonde beauty filed an appeal shortly after, so we’ll have to see how that turns out.

What’s most interesting though, or possibly scary, is part of the reasoning for the judge’s ruling! In a document obtained by TMZ, the judge said he believed there was:

“…a strong risk of the children’s abduction and retention in the United States”


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We can’t blame the judge, based on her history, but that still seems pretty harsh!

Still we wish the loving parents could find an amicable way to have their kids time split between them, but they’re probably well beyond that point.

Sadly, this saga seems far from over and we’ll keep you posted as the court proceedings continue.

In the meantime, we just hope the kids can stay happy and make it through this trying time.

[Image via Michael Carpenter/WENN.]

Dec 16, 2015 8:01am PDT

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