Sources Closest To Michael Cavallari Reportedly Feared For His Mental Health — Recall Noticing Signs Of Paranoia

Michael Cavallari

The story surrounding the death of Kristin Cavallari‘s brother Michael is absolutely devastating.

As we wait for the autopsy results from the 30-year-old’s mysterious death in the Utah desert, some of his longtime friends have come forward saying they often worried about Michael’s mental health.

ICYMI: Cavallari was found dead after he had been missing for about two weeks. Authorities discovered his body only a few miles from the vehicle he had abandoned in a ditch off the I-70 highway in Utah. The details of his death remain unknown, but investigators reported no signs of suicide or foul play. One theory suggests Michael crashed into a large rock and eventually died from the frigid temperatures while looking for help.

Cavallari struggled with alcoholism and had ongoing legal troubles leading up to his death. He had just posted bail after his arrest of violating parole stemming from a 2014 DUI.

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According to several of his friends, Michael often seemed paranoid.

His pal Patrick Keuhn told People:

“There was some sort of paranoia. I’m guessing from what happened he thought someone was chasing him.”

Based on where his body was found, Grand County Sheriff Steve White said:

“You can tell he was kind of disoriented.”

Another close friend Brett Powers believes Michael was trying to get away from all of his troubles by taking a trip to Chicago to see his sister and their mom:

“He was probably sick of getting arrested and thought, ‘I gotta get out of here.’ [His mom] told me that he was being chased. He was real paranoid and thought he was being chased by someone.”

His acquaintances recall signs of Cavallari’s paranoia during his time at the University of Colorado — where he was remembered for hard partying, his sharp wit, and polarizing political views. Powers added:

“He was against Obama and thought that everything was corrupt and owned by the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s.”

Another source of Cavallari’s college days shared that at one point Michael believed he was under CIA surveillance. The insider says it’s not very surprising that Michael was often delusional, considering there were cameras following his sister 24/7:

“[It’s] not so unbelievable if you have people with cameras taking pictures of your sister at all times, probably being on your property frequently growing up. I think I’d go crazy too if my sister was a celebrity getting validation in the world for everything she does.”


No word yet on the exact cause of Michael’s death, but this information is certainly disheartening. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Cavallari’s during this time.

[Image via Grand County Sheriff’s Office.]

Dec 16, 2015 12:09pm PDT

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