Someone Just Broke A Sales Record & It Wasn’t Adele! Find Out How Michael Jackson’s Thriller Is Still Setting The Bar!

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Adele may be the current champion of the music industry, but one icon is back to put her in her place.

Even though 25 had the highest selling debut, as well as a record-breaking second week, Michael Jackson just earned an honor that reminds everyone who’s still the King.

The Recording Industry Association of America announced on Wednesday that MJ’s Thriller is officially the first album to ever sell 30 million copies in the United States!

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RIAA CEO Cary Sherman issued a brief statement on the accomplishment, saying:

“What an exceptional achievement and testament to Thriller‘s enduring spot in our hearts and musical history.”

And while the triguple platinum (yep, had to look it up) status is impressive, that’s just for the U.S. — Thriller has actually sold over 100 million copies world wide!

Congrats again, Michael!

Although, we’re sure at the rate she’s going, we’ll be seeing Adele’s name right up there with Michael in no time.

Dec 16, 2015 10:55am PDT

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