Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood Defends Fianc├â┬⌐ Matt Baier In An Explosive Twitter Rant — What Set The Momma Off?

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Amber Portwood can’t seem to escape the drama.

Following the juicy release of the latest Teen Mom trailer, Amber took to Twitter to address controversial comments made by ex Gary Shirley in the short clip. For those who missed it, Gary made the claim that the reality star’s boyfriend of a year Matt Baier has SEVEN kids.

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While Matt has acknowledged parentage of two grade school children in Boston, Massachusetts, he never made mention of additional kids. Needless to say, TM fans went WILD upon hearing the news.

So, are the rumors true? To be honest, fans and even producers were initially hesitant about Baier considering his lack of employment and how he dropped his life in Boston to be with Portwood after dating for just a few months. Hmm… were we right along?

According to court documents, the answer is: maybe.

As of now, the 44-year-old has seven reciprocal child support cases against him in the state of Indiana, filed by five different women in several states!

For those who don’t know, a county clerk broke down reciprocal child support as such:

“A reciprocal support case means that another state is asking to enforce a support case that was filed in another state. A court order was issued in another state after [paternity] had been established, and that state is now asking the state of Indiana to help enforce the case, now that the father lives in Indiana.”

How informative!

Now here’s the crazy thing — not only does Matt have children all over the map, but he has one child who is 25-years-old! Not to mention one of his children is married with a KID. Yep, M.B. is a grandparent, y’all!

Despite the insane evidence against Matt, the mom of one doesn’t seem phased by the situation at all. The author tweeted:

Well, as long as Amber is happy we guess that’s all that matters! Love is definitely blind!

We’ll be sure to update you as this drama unfolds!

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Dec 17, 2015 12:19pm PDT

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