ICYMI: Margaret Cho Calls Out The Ab Fab Movie For Its Blatant Use Of Yellowface!

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This is absolutely not fabulous.

While we were positively peppy when the first images from the Absolutely Fabulous movie were revealed back in October, the latest news out of the reboot has us less than stoked.

That’s because the Ab Fab girls have a bit of a scandal on their hands after they selected a white woman to play a Japanese character in the film.

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Margaret Cho brought the issue to light this week after tweeting her NSFW disgust for the casting decision, saying:

Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention, Margaret!

The character in question is a male, Japanese fashion designer named Huki Muki — which in itself could be perceived as offensive — but by casting Scottish comedian Janette Tough in the role, they’re taking a part away from an Asian actor while actively partaking in yellow face.

We’re sure Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Saunders, and the rest of the cast and crew didn’t mean to be racist when they picked a white actor for the role, but it’s almost 2016 and stuff like this shouldn’t be happening!

[Image via Guilermo Proano/WENN.]

Dec 18, 2015 6:22pm PDT

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